None are so blind as those who will not see...

You are being lied to... daily... systematically... on purpose... In order to control your mind.

Red Pill Welcome to the Matrix. The RED pill is now available!!

Have you ever wondered who controls the mainstream media? In America today, we are more "connected" than ever. The average American watches 153+ hours of television a month, and we also spend countless hours watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, reading books and surfing the Internet.

If someone could control the production of all of that media, that would make them immensely powerful, yes? They would literally be in a position to tell people what to think.

Well, what if I told you that there are just six enormous media conglomerates that combine to produce about 90 percent of all the media that Americans consume on a daily basis?

Would that alarm you? It should alarm you. The truth is that our attitudes, opinions and beliefs are greatly shaped by what we allow into our minds. After all, they don't call it "programming" for no reason. Even those of us that realize that we are connected to "the matrix" probably greatly underestimate the tremendous influence that the media has over us. We live at a time when it is absolutely imperative to think for ourselves, but most Americans are now being absolutely overwhelmed with information and seem more than content to let others do their thinking for them. Sadly, this is greatly contributing to the downfall of our society.

When it comes to influencing the American people, nobody has more power than the big media companies do.

Until we can break this sick addiction to the mainstream media and get people to start thinking for themselves, we will never see widespread changes in our society. As long as people are being "programmed" by the mainstream media, they will continue to express the opinions, attitudes and beliefs that have been downloaded into their minds.

Read the entire story of what I'm talking about (and see who is controlling you) HERE.

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The (real) news that's fit to print...

OK... so who should I believe?

Trustworthy news outlets can be very hard to distinguish. Think: "signal to noise ratio". They should be evaluated carefully, their opinions, statements and sources checked and verified for accuracy before you just "buy in" to what they're saying. Trust... but verify!

The list below meets that criteria.

Any concerns that you should be aware of are listed in the accompanying descriptions.

World Net Daily


Eagle Forum
The Eagle Forum

The CATO Institute
The CATO Institute

The Common Sens Show
The Common Sense Show

The Hagmann & Hagmann ReportThe Hagmann & Hagmann Report

The Max Keiser Report
The Keiser Report

The Blaze
The Blaze

The Drudge Report
is a "news aggregator" site with current news from multiple sources, including mainstream media.

Live News Feeds - No Mind left Behind

If you are an individual who only listens to mainstream media, these are just a few of the news stories (covered independently) that are either being intentionally hidden from you, intentionally mis-reported, or are being completely ignored.

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World Net Daily

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